MTV’s vision is to be the leading independent media station in Lebanon and the Arab world, serving as the catalyst and vehicle for inclusion and regional well-being, and endorsing reform and advancement from within societies.

MTV strives to become the indisputable symbol for the values of thought independence, social responsibility, freedom of expression and continuous betterment.


MTV’s mission is to enhance the media’s role in Lebanon and the Arab world, to participate in the advancement of independent thought, and to serve the interests and the well-being of society while assuring its commitment to shareholders.

MTV strives to be the region’s media role model in terms of transparency and social responsibility, delivering on its pledged values by providing its viewers with content that informs, entertains, develops minds and ripens individuals, free of any bias.


Credibility & Independence
Ethical Conduct
Public Interest & Social Responsibility
Transparency & Accountability
Liberties and Inclusion



Live Lebanon is a UNDP initiative launched in 2009 in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants
National Road Safety Council

National Road Safety Council



Founded in 1994, Alfa is the brand name of MIC1 (Mobile Interim Company 1), the 1st Mobile network in Lebanon owned by the Republic of Lebanon. Since February 2009, Alfa has been managed by Orascom Telecom Media and Technology (OTMT). Alfa currently serves close to 2 million active subscribers and its state of the art network (2G, 3G+, & 4G/LTE) covers 99% of Lebanon’s territory .

Technology Innovation

Alfa’s strategy is focused on technology innovation in a market eager for technology on the go. Alfa was the first operator in Lebanon to introduce the 3G+ service in 2011, and the 4G LTE technology in 2013 (& the 52nd globally and 6th in the MENA region), offering an exceptional internet experience for the Lebanese user with actual data speeds reaching up to 40 mbps. 

Alfa’s leadership in introducing the most advanced technology generations in Lebanon has contributed to Lebanon’s advanced positioning on the ITU’s IDI (ICT Development Index) in 2013 whereby Lebanon has been identified as the second most dynamic country in the world in ICT development by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). It also helped in boosting data users’ penetration on the alfa network which reached more than 60% of Alfa customer base currently with Alfa data subscribers reaching 1.1 million, a five times surge since 3G+ was launched.

Catering for various market needs

Alfa is committed to having the evolving needs of its customers shaping the core component of its services and offers. As such, Alfa continuously seeks to launch first of their kind services and offers that provide voice and data services at affordable prices. Some of these offers include “U-Chat”, a line dedicated for Youth, ”U-Can”, a line dedicated for people with special needs, “Army Line” dedicated to members of the army and their families, “University Offer” dedicated to University students, and “Alfa Anghami” a bundle that offers users latest music songs from international and local labels at convenient prices. In addition, Alfa continuously seeks to provide offers that make latest technology accessible to its users; among these offers is the 4G LTE offer that allows Alfa customers to buy latest smartphones at easy installments.

Customer Support

Alfa is committed to customer satisfaction and to efficiently delivering a quality customer support through its various official channels including the free 111 Helpline and its official pages on social media dedicated 24/7 to answer customer inquiries, in addition to the “Alfa mobile application”, the first mobile application in the telecom sector in Lebanon.

Strong Commitment to Society

As a responsible corporate citizen, Alfa’s commitment to society is at the heart of its strategy. In that context, Alfa adopts corporate sustainability in its everyday business practices and supports the efforts and initiatives of the civil society in Lebanon and partners with NGOs on raising awareness on issues that are of high concern to the community. Since 2006, Alfa launched the “Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program which is focused on integrating people with special needs in society, allowing them to practice their full citizenship.  

In addition, and among its initiatives in support of the community, Alfa is taking part in the “Live Lebanon” initiative implemented by the UNDP with the aim of contributing to the development of Lebanon's underprivileged communities. All donations that will be done in support of the Lebanese community as part of this project, through the Alfa app store (Alfa’s own application platform) or through other application stores, will go totally and directly to “Live Lebanon”.



Established in 2004, touch (formerly known as mtc touch) is the leading mobile telecommunications and data operator in Lebanon with a market share standing at 53%. Touch is managed by Zain Group, the region's first mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint today in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

While ensuring high levels of professionalism, performance and consumer satisfaction, touch is committed to deliver innovative and cost effective services answering the particular needs of various market segments. touch constantly seeks to grow its business by enhancing customer experience, ramping up mobile digital services as well as exploring new market opportunities.

In parallel, touch implements an ongoing optimization for the 3.9G network and expansion plan for the 4G-LTE (Long Term Evolution) network widest coverage in the Lebanese capital. In 2013, touch was the first mobile operator to conduct for the first time in the world, a successful 4G LTE Advanced pilot test over the 800 and 1800 bandwidths, in collaboration with Huawei.

Touch is committed to excellence and constant improvement through the application and maintenance of a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001:2000. In its quest for excellence, the company entirely assumes its social responsibility role in providing support to the Lebanese community through “Positive touch” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, mainly in the education, innovation, youth and environment fields.



Zoomaal is the leading crowdfunding platform in the Arab World aiming to #BringBackArabCreativity. Zoomaal, in collaboration with various stakeholders and organizations, has launched several scalable, impactful, and sustainable programs geared towards supporting and enabling Arab creativity and innovation throughout the MENA region.

Zoomaal is backed by Arab & international investors including: Wamda (UAE), Middle East Venture Partners (MENA), Hivos (Netherlands), Cairo Angels (Egypt), N2V(KSA), and Sawari Ventures (Egypt), and has been featured on various media outlets including: CNN, Forbes, Booz & Co, New York Times, Wamda, DailyStar, and others.

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