Live Lebanon at The Lebanese Energy Diaspora Conference (LDE)

Live Lebanon continues to reach out to the immense diaspora by building new bridges beyond borders linking the Lebanese to their homeland through participating in the first regional Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) Conference in Latin America at Palacio Do Governo e Clube Atlético Monte Líbano Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This gave the diaspora an opportunity to connect, discover and support important community based initiatives by Live Lebanon in order create a difference and strengthen their attachment to their homeland.

LDE promotes the positive image of Lebanon and celebrates its heritage around the world by encouraging the connection between active Lebanese residents and the diaspora in a specified region. Attendees showcase their success stories, get back to their roots and develop a valuable cultural and social connection with their homeland.

LDE also enables the exchange of investment opportunities between attendees in Lebanon and abroad, as well as ideas for a better management of Lebanon’s assets. Moreover, attendants benefit from a chance to network with peers in similar sectors worldwide, which allows for establishing lobbying initiatives and taking part in the foreign policy-making regarding the Diaspora.

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