Zoomaal Partnership

Live Lebanon” initiative launched a partnership with Zoomaal, the leading crowdfunding platform that aims at supporting ambitious talents... Read More

Inauguration of Chebaa Football Field

The Chebaa Football Field was inaugurated on 12/11/2014 in the presence of our Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bourane Boueiri, UNDP representative Dr. Raghed Assi, BBAC representative Mr. Tarek Bitar,  ... Read More

Fundraising Gala Dinner

Live Lebanon present Ramy Ayach on the 3rd of December in a fundraising gala dinner that will be held in Casino Du Liban. 

  ... Read More

Provision of a Generator to the Municipality of Marwaheen

On Friday the 8th of August, an inauguration will be held in the village of Marwaheen located in Tyr, South of Lebanon in the presence of our Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Fadi Salameh, in order to  ... Read More

Name After You Feature

Adopt a project, finance it entirely, inaugurate it, and have it named after you. You can be the sole financier or co-financier with a group of people. The inauguration would take place in  ... Read More

Inaugurations of Wadi Khaled and Beshwet

UNDP’s “Live Lebanon” initiative, inaugurated three projects that assisted the country’s most deprived communities, specifically in the villages of Beshwet and Wadi Khaled. Read More

Wadi Khaled

Live Lebanon equipped the school of Wadi Khaled with the necessary needs like desks, boards, chairs in preparationfor the arrival of extra Lebanese and Syrian students enrolled in this year. The  ... Read More


Anater El Saydeh is Bcharri’s historical souk, which has been unfortunately neglected over the years, was renovated by Live Lebanon.Five shops and public bathrooms are now ready to be used by  ... Read More

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