Skin Treatment

Live Lebanon treated more than 1,300 children suffering from skin diseases and provided the appropriate medications. Read More

Syrian Distribution

Live Lebanon distributed clothing packages to more than 5,000 to Syrian refugee children in Bekaa. Each package included a jacket, gloves, a scarf, socks and a hat. Read More

Live Lebanon TV Campaign

Live Lebanon launched a TV campaign including 13Lebanese celebrities to raise awareness and funds to implement project. Also a mobile application was created for the same purpose. Read More


Tambourit’s health clinic offers different services such as general and pediatric care, medicine and a fridge to maintain vaccines but nothing related to dental care. Tambourit’s  ... Read More


Live Lebanon rehabilitated the public school of Bzebdine, improving the learning environment by changing the decaying roof of classrooms which endangered the students. Read More


Live Lebanon supported the agriculture in Beshwat through introducing the PVC system to connect the agricultural lands with the main source of water which is the collector pond. The 4Km will solve  ... Read More

Deir El Ahmar

Live Lebanon enhanced the agricultural sector and supported farmers in Bekaa region and especially in Deir El Ahmar village through the installment of 8Km of irrigation P.V.C line divided into two  ... Read More

Introducing a New Football Field In Chebaa

The Chebaa football field is finally complete and looking great. Last monday the final touches were put into place and the court is now in use by all local residents! Here are some  ... Read More

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