Most of Lebanon's students in public schools attend unequipped and inappropriate classrooms. In Jdaidet Marjeyoun, the students at the Intermediate Public School have no heaters in classes, their science laboratory lacks key apparatus and their music and art sessions lack recreational material.

Thanks to the generous efforts of Messrs George and Dany Farha, LIVE LEBANON implements this project providing the school and its students with academic equipment for their laboratory and recreational material for the art and music classes. Not to mention that the project also includes the procurement of heaters and other furniture for the facility.




  • Where

    South, Marjeyoun
  • Who

    The Jdaidet Marjeyoun Intermediate Public School
  • Why

    The need for academic and recreational equipments in Jdaidet Marjeyoun Intermediate Public School is urgent. There are numbers of materials the public school lacks within its facility to educate its young students.
  • How

    The project will provide the school with the necessary academic and recreational equipment identified by the students and teachers to come back to warmer classes and better equipped facilities.
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