Thanks to the generous donations of Lebanese expatriates, LIVE LEBANON has been able to support the Governmental Hospital of Marjeyoun by the provision of a colonoscopy system.

The delivery of the colonoscopy system was promptly executed following the funding of the project. Click on the photos below to follow the implementation process and discover the introduction of the local medical staff with the new equipment.

Since November 2010, residents of Marjeyoun and Hasbaya can effectively enjoy improved medical services.
  • Where

    South, Marjeyoun
  • Who

    All the inhabitants of Marjeyoun and Hasbaya Cazas benefit from the improved facilities of the Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital.
  • Why

    The area of Marjeyoun includes more than 7 villages. Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital is the only public facility closest to residents to seek any medical attention. The hospital, however, does not have adequate equipment to accommodate patient medical needs for consultation and treatment. Thousands of residents are under the risk of becoming ill, and unfortunately, their nearest hospital is not appropriately equipped. Locals have to drive to Nabatiye, the closest city an hour away.
  • How

    Through your support, LIVE LEBANON provides the hospital with a gastro-colonoscopy machine to assist hospital staff in improving the health services locals receive. Such a machine is crucial especially during the time of medical emergencies.
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