More than 6,000 inhabitants depend on water from Aljourd springs. The deteriorating state of the water network causes a significant amount of water to be wasted. This results in less water reaching the tanks of local residents. Furthermore, the catchment pond in which water is stored adds to the wasted water due to constant leaks from its structure.






  • Where

    Bekaa, Beit Jaafar/Feesan
  • Who

    More than 6,000 villagers
  • Why

    The abundant water resources available from the Aljourd springs are wasted due to deteriorating water transportation and catchment facilities. More than 10 villages in Hermel depend on this water source. Locals are spending more than one-fourth of their income on purchasing water.
  • How

    The restoration of this major water network ensures the delivery of water to a significant number of the residents. This network is 25 km long and it functions as the main source of drinking water for villages in the upper lands of Hermel.
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