Thanks to your generosity and within one month of implementation, LIVE LEBANON has changed the lives of farmers from Tal Abbas El-Gharbi.

Click on the photos below to follow the implementation process. The projects results can be discovered on the CHANGE page.

  • Where

    North, Tal Abbas El-Gharbi
  • Who

    Farmers of Tal Abbas El-Gharbi
  • Why

    One of the vital resources needed in agriculture is access to sufficient water. Tal Abbas El-Gharbi farmers depend on a primitive irrigation canal which required restoration to ensure an efficient access to water from the Istwan River. More than 138 hectares of land currently cultivated with cereals, vegetables and other crops do not receive sufficient quantities of water.
  • How

    Building and extension of “Al Saad” Irrigation Canal. The Canal is 190 meters long divided into two parts, 80 meters on one side and 110 meters on the other side to irrigate different areas. The canal will be built of concrete structure.
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