Ain Yaacoub like many villages in Akkar is abundant in water resources. The problem lies in delivering this water to agricultural fields. In fact, water passes through dirt canals where it is mostly wasted. 

Through online donations made for this project, LIVE LEBANON constructs a 500-meter long concrete canal. Farmers no longer spend their financial assets on irrigating their agricultural fields when water resources are only a few hundred meters away. This project not only induces sustainable development for Ain Yaacoub's 85 farming families, but also ensures that water resources are not wasted.






  • Where

    North, Ain Yaccoub
  • Who

    85 farmers and their families
  • Why

    Farmers in Ain Yaacoub use the El-Kasayer canal to irrigate their fields. Most of the cultivated area consistes of persimmon and pomegranate tress. Improved water resources will not only save water which is otherwise wasted, but will also allow farmers to allocate their resources appropriately in order to generate additional returns.
  • How

    The project eliminates the dirt canal in which unwanted weeds grow. This creates a path for irrigation water that is clear from pesticides and eliminates the waste of water as it is transported to local farmland.
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