• Where

    South, Nabatieh
  • Who

    Over 200 students at the Freiha Hajj Ali School every year benefit from this project. This academic institution also provides employment for over 23 teachers and staff members.
  • Why

    The Freiha Hajj Ali School provides education for a large number of Nabatieh students. The facility suffers from a general deterioration in the building's ability to be a safe educational entity for its students. The paint is old and cracked, water leaks from its walls in winter and there are no indoor playgrounds. All this has a dangerous effect on both the children and staff’s health which is then reflected in their performance.
  • How

    The project will support the complete rehabilitation of the school by replacing the old iron windows by aluminum ones, covering the playground to shield the rain, fixing the external fence and repainting the walls.
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