• Where

    North, Ain Yaccoub
  • Who

    Population of Ain Yaccoub (1,700 villagers)and inhabitants of surrounding villages (Bezbina, Chaqdouf)
  • Why

    There is a lack of social and cultural opportunities in the village with the lack of sport clubs and other youth facilities. This has lead to a negative impact on adolescent’s behavior and social interaction between the different youngsters in the villages. The project aims at renovating an outdoor sport field part of the public school of Ain Yaccoub.
  • How

    Renovate a public sport facility in the heart of the village to allow local youth to meet and play sports. Activities will include the measurement of the area to divide the area between volleyball and basketball fields, the removal of the sand currently covering the field, building of a base and wall to prevent sand from entering the court during winter. Coverage of field with reinforced concrete. It will also cover the installation of basketball and volleyball nets and the delimitation of the field by a wall and a surrounding net to avoid accidents.
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