• Where

    North, Kferhabou
  • Who

    More than 8000 residents depend on the primary health services provided at the center
  • Why

    Since 1983, the Kferhabou Health Clinic has offered primary health services to the local community and seven other neighboring villages. Today, the medical services provided include: general medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and dental care. More than 8000 residents have access to the clinic and 150 patients benefit from these primary services every month. Despite assistance received from the Kferhabou Municipality and a number of NGOs, the center lacks a number of equipment that would improve its services which directly benefit patients from low-income backgrounds.
  • How

    The project aims at supplying the dispensary with medical equipment to improve the quality of services provided. Among the needed equipment is a gynecological ultrasound ecographic machine which is essential for the diagnosis of pregnancy, fetus health and other subjects relevant for female reproductive wellbeing. The project will also provide the center with an EKG machine to allow specialists accurate diagnosis of cardiac patients. Other equipment will also be provided to replace outdated ones.
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