• Where

    North, Bcharri
  • Who

    40 students
  • Why

    The students of the Vocational Centre have to endure extremely poor conditions in their school that was built in 1933 and has not been rehabilitated or maintained since. One major problem is the need for heaters that results from the high ceilings that were built back then. Another problem is the restricted number of subjects offered at the school- only Hospitality, Architecture and IT- due to the limited number of students that keeps decreasing due to the poor conditions of the facilities. In fact, despite the repetitive requests to increase the number of majors offered, the ministry of education refused, claiming that 10 students per class is not enough to add new courses.
  • How

    Live Lebanon aims at rehabilitating this promising school in order to increase the number of students per class for them to ultimately have access to additional subjects taught at the school. The most urgent needs will be addressed first such as the rehabilitation of the infrastructure as well as prevention of humidity and leakage in bathrooms and classrooms and the isolation and painting of classrooms. This project will ideally lead to a decreased number of migrants to the city and encourage residents of the region to stay in the village.
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    5 USD
  • Walid Rifi

    100 USD
  • Roger Wehbe

    1000 USD
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    1 USD
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    1 USD

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