Introducing water pipes for irrigation purposes in Bechwet has helped increase the productivity and comfort of 145 farmers and their families.
  • Where

    Bekaa, Bechwet
  • Who

    145 farmers of Bechwet
  • Why

    The Bekaa area in general struggles with serious water issues. Water is not reaching all the agricultural areas of the region including the village of Bechwet where 90% of its residents depend on agriculture. Bechwet lacks irrigation canals, which makes farmers obliged to buy water, a costly endeavor of 50 000LL per hour or alternatively leave Bechwet to work in the suburbs of Beirut. Nevertheless, Bechwet has a collective water pond that can serve their needs; they lack the network that can connect the source of water to their lands.
  • How

    The project consists of introducing PET’s, which would increase the amount of water provided to the agricultural lands. This project would consequently decrease the costs of production of 40 000 LL making the water cost 10 000 LL per hour instead of 50 000 LL. Also, this project would increase production and the competitiveness of Bechwet in the market. These PET’s would connect a pond to fertile cultivated lands of the village of Bechwet for optimum production that is greatly needed.
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