• Where

    Bekaa, Chmestar
  • Who

    Over 1000 youngster from Chmestar and neighboring villages
  • Why

    Villages such as Chmestar that shelter a majority of children (60% youth) need to take into consideration that these young minds’ energy ought to be directed away from bad habits and towards a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the nearest public field is 25 minutes away which makes it inaccessible to children especially that their parents do not have the means to accompany them often to neighboring villages to play. An accessible public common space should be constructed to enhance interaction between villagers of diverse religions, and for youth to engage in healthy activities that would help develop positive attributes in their personalities in this underprivileged remote area of Lebanon.
  • How

    The project seeks to build a well-equipped safe mini football field with artificial grass, surrounded by nets and a safety fence. This playground will be a common public space for the youth of the area in order to engage in the much loved sport of football.
  • Anonymous

    100 USD
  • richard

    100 USD

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