• Where

    North, Minyeh
  • Who

    65,000 villagers of Minieh and 50,000 residents of surrounding villages
  • Why

    The important role that public spaces play in building sustainable community development has been largely ignored. The children of Lebanon are therefore deprived of clean green spaces for them to stay out of harm’s way. This project aims at providing a considerable number of children in the village of Minyeh with a public garden to promote the idea of respecting and sharing green spaces as a unified community.
  • How

    This project entails the establishment of a public garden which will not only benefit the present community of Minyeh and surrounding villages, but will also build a sustainable public space that help in the development of social interaction for a coherent future generation. The garden will be located next to the beach at the center of the village in order to benefit as many people as possible in the region. The public garden is a much-needed refuge away from all the hustle and struggle that residents, and specifically children and their parents, endure on a daily basis.
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    1000 USD
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    1000 USD
  • Wael Sasso

    200 USD
  • Randa Masri

    5 USD

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