• Where

    Bekaa, Nahle
  • Who

    176 members of Nahle’s agricultural cooperative
  • Why

    Farmers of Nahle are known for producing best quality nuts nevertheless they suffer from their low prices due to the fact that they are un-cracked and unpeeled which also results in low incomes for agricultural workers. Nahle’s cooperative is longing for the necessary equipment to peel, crack and sort the nuts in order to increase their market price. Contributing to change this issue fits Live Lebanon’s Prosperous Lebanon campaign.
  • How

    The project consists on the provision of nuts processing equipment to Nahle’s cooperative. Live Lebanon will procure a peeling machine, a cracking machine, a sorting machine and a screening machine. This will allow the farmers of Nahle to position their products in the market at a higher price which will automatically lead to an increase of their income and the improvement of their families’ living standards. This project will not only benefit the 176 cooperative members but all the people that work in this subsector that amount for 80% of the working force that works in agricultural sector. It is worth noting that the place is provided by the municipality that also submitted to Live Lebanon a full feasibility study of this project.

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