• Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Ouzai
  • Who

    250 fishermen and their families
  • Why

    The fishing sector feeds over 250 families in Ouzai, the products are sold mainly in the Ouzai bazar. However, due to space limitation, over crowdedness is discouraging the customers from visiting the Bazar consequently resulting in momentous quantities of unsold fish. These stocks’ prices ought to be cut in half later therefore reducing fishermens’ profits tremendously.
  • How

    In order to avoid these losses, Live Lebanon has planned a rehabilitation and expansion of the Ouzai fish bazar to make it more customer-friendly and more profitable for the fishermen. This activity will be accompanied by a strategy plan that will ensure sustainability of profit generation for the years to come.
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    15 USD
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    15 USD
  • Ahmad Kassem

    10 USD

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