• Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Qubbit Shamra
  • Who

    The 2200 residents of Qubbit Shamra
  • Why

    Over 80% of the 2200 villagers in Qubbit Shamra rely solely on agriculture to make a living. Currently, the only canals available run through soil which results in the loss of 60% of irrigation water, a fundamental resource for an efficient agricultural harvest. This tremendous loss of vital water results in momentous losses of productivity consequently restricting the overall prosperity of the village.
  • How

    The project aims at implementing a solution for this problem; building an irrigation canal (1500 meters long) made of cement instead of soil. This canal will efficiently irrigate all of the farmers’ crops and even compensate for the 60% losses of water. A properly functional irrigation system will magnify the profits from these cultivated lands in order to build a sustainable income generation sector in the region that will consequently improve the living conditions in the area.
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