• Where

    North, Wadi Khaled
  • Who

    The main target group addressed by the project are the students of one public school in Wadi Khaled area. The direct beneficiaries are the students in this Public school in Wadi Khaled including the Syrian students that are enrolled in this school.
  • Why

    Equipping the school with the necessary equipment needed like desks, boards, chairs and the like to prepare the school to accommodate the extra Lebanese and Syrian students enrolled in this year.Facilitate the learning process for Syrians & Lebanese students through providing a healthy academic environment.
  • How

    ? The problem was first noted in the sectorial workshop held with the local stakeholders in the education field (teachers, school principals, parents...). ? The project team conducted visits to the public schools in Wadi Khaled and assessed the needs at the equipment and infrastructure level. ? The criteria used to select the targeted schools gave priority to the following points: - The need for necessary equipment to accommodate all students enrolled in the school - The number of Syrian students in the school
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