• Where

    Bekaa, Taraya
  • Who

    Direct beneficiaries (Lebanese): 75-100 shepherd who own (9,000 sheep’s & goats). Indirect beneficiaries(Lebanese): Their families that amount for around 600 person
  • Why

    The overall objective of the project is to establish and introduce potable water line (1inch) to connect the water from the main source to a tank to collect the water to insure water supply for 9,000 sheep’s and goats, as well as to the 600 persons that live in this area.
  • How

    Taraya mountain is the most attractable point for the sheperads that spend around 6 – 7 months there; where 600 persons live and work in this area. They lack the clean water that they can drink consume and offer to their sheep’s. The source of water is found; however due to the lack of a collective tank the water is lost. The project aims to help the shepherds to have an easy and clean water supply; Lactating goats and sheep should always have a fresh, clean supply of water readily available, lactating goats require water for the milk they produce. If there is insufficient water during lactation, milk yields will be depressed, both goats & sheep will not consume enough water if it is stagnant or of poor quality, and wherever possible, water should be near the grazing area. Currently the shepherds go down to the village to procure water where they have to pay for the water cost and transportation costs. This project will succeed in: - Saving the water - Provide clean water for sheperds their families as well for the goats - Save costs on the shepherds and assists them to guarantee better standard of living
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