Thanks to the generous donation of Lebanese expatiates, Live Lebanon has been able to promptly implement the project to support waste management service for three villages by providing a brand new garbage truck for proper trash collection.

  • Where

    Bekaa, Deir El Ahmar
  • Who

    Around 18,000 residents in the villages of Deir al Ahmar, Btedhi and Beshwat
  • Why

    The three villages will receive municipal trash collection services. Current truck repairs will be saved and allocated to other municipal activities. Will improve the quality of living for the inhabitants as well as reduce environmental problems. Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the three villages. Around 18,000 residents in the villages of Deir el Ahmar, Btedhi and Beshwat will benefit from this project.
  • How

    The project will provide a garbage truck for proper trash collection and disposal in three villages. Additionally, the UNDP team in Bekaa will implement in partnership with the Municipality an environmental awareness campaign and identify a suitable trash collection schedule for the 3 villages
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