The village of Marwaheen does not possess a generator and it is only powered for short hours. The shortage in electricity, which is around 18 hours a day, handicaps the residents’ daily activities and prevents them from living a normal life. This is affecting the standard of living of the residents. The generator that was used by the municipality for 12 years became out of date and is no more functioning.

To solve this problem the houses use small generators that cause environmental problems as well as sound pollution and large expenses of the maintenance and fuel. Upon the request of our GWA a field visit was conducted by Live Lebanon to check on the suggested projects by this municipality and prioritize the needs.

Eventually, Live Lebanon team found out that this is one of the needed projects. The procurement of a generator for Marwaheen will allow the municipality to provide the residents with long hours of power, which will allow them to improve their way of living.

  • Where

    South, Marwaheen
  • Who

    The 3000 villagers of Marwaheen
  • Why

    Due to lack of an efficient and functional generator, in addition to the shortage of electricity of up to 18 hours a day in Marwaheen.
  • How

    By providing the municipality of Marwaheen with a generator
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