This pilot project will help raise awareness in the village on how to be more environment-friendly.
  • Where

    South, Arab Salim
  • Who

    Residents of Arab Salim and nearby villages
  • Why

    The ongoing garbage crisis which has left Lebanon’s streets piling up with trash is polluting the environment to an unprecedented extent. Due to lack of political consensus to solve the country’s most pressing crisis, Lebanese activists have turned to short-term solutions to alleviate the mounting of garbage in the streets of Lebanon. Nevertheless, this project entails taking a sustainable step towards a greener Lebanon by composting; a solution that will save residents of one of Lebanon’s most affected villages from the potential harm caused by the massive amounts of garbage.
  • How

    Live Lebanon’s Green initiative is directly involved in alleviating the consequences of the garbage crisis by raising awareness towards a more environment-friendly lifestyle. This solution implies the provision of composting containers to NGO Nidaa Al Ard. The latter is a women’s NGO that has been environmentally active in the region for over two decades; from sorting the entire area’s garbage to building a successful recycling factory. In this project, Nidaa Al Ard will in turn procure 100 garbage bins as well as soil and other materials for over 100 households in the village. After being recycled and composted, the garbage will be collected and sold to farmers as a cheap natural substitute for pesticides. This project envisions the eco-friendly lifestyle that Live Lebanon’s Green Campaign is promoting by recycling the mounting garbage into future plants and trees.

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