Ensa Joura is a project launched by Live Lebanon and MTV Lebanon to fix potholes in different areas of Lebanon, using the velocity road repair machine. This eco-friendly state of the art technology is fast, efficient, and durable.

Ensa Joura Progress and News

Repaired Pothole Full Map 

Can I contribute to the Esna Joura campaign?

Individuals, organizations, and businesses are all invited to adopt the closing of potholes in their streets, neighborhoods, or even villages.Contact to know how you can take part in this campaign.


How to use the application to report potholes

Any individual may report a pothole through the MTV mobile application by clicking on the report button while standing next to the pothole. Please stand safely away from vehicles on the side of the road, and do not use your mobile while driving.

Click on the below image to learn the reporting process


What are the criteria of the potholes that may be fixed?

Some potholes are too wide or too deep to be closed by the velocity machine. Such potholes require special treatment. Potholes that are caused by leaking water cannot be closed before the water leakage is fixed first.


Not all potholes reported will be fixed

While this campaign targets all areas of Lebanon, not all potholes reported will be fixed. Priorities will be set according to the concentration of potholes within a street and the frequency of reports within a specific area. The velocity machine will be repairing potholes within a radius of 100 SQM at a time, which means that isolated individual potholes cannot be repaired.

It is important to keep in mind that some potholes do not meet the criteria that the machine is able to handle. Please refer to the criteria section above for more information.

  • Where

  • Who

    Ensa Joura will cover all areas of Lebanon benefiting every Lebanese, resident, and tourist driving on the roads of Lebanon.
  • Why

    Over 600 people lose their lives on the streets of Lebanon, partly due to the poor road conditions and potholes. The project provides safer roads in Lebanon reducing car accidents and ultimately saving lives.
  • How

    The project is funded by Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassadors, Mr. Ghaleb Farha, Mr. Fady Salameh, Mr. Albert Matta, Mr. Farid Chedid, and Mrs. Sadda El Asaad Fakhry.
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