• Where

    Bekaa, Deir El Ahmar
  • Who

    More than 50 farmers and their families.
  • Why

    Most of Beit Mattar residents are farmers. They rely on agriculture as the main source of income. The present concrete irrigation canal collecting water from the Yammouneh Spring turns completely dry during the summer causing the crops to be destroyed. A 75 x 40m pond collects water during winter, preserving the water for the dry season. However the pond is not accessible which makes the summer a dead season. Building an irrigation will allow the farmers to grow new types of produces such as vegetables and fruits.
  • How

    Live Lebanon’s Green Lebanon Campaign installed a 2.5 KM drip irrigation network connecting the farms to the pond. The installation of the irrigation network will provide the farmers with the water it needs to sustain their crops and increase the village’s production during the 3 months long dry season.
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