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    With the help of 1,200 volunteers from Lebanon, Jordan, Lybia, Germany and Tunisia along with 10 schools, UNDP staff and Fattal Group. These activities were in collaboration with Live Love Beirut with special thanks to the head of the National Committee for Lebanese Women Claudine Aoun Roukoz, Youth and Gender Ambassador Ray Basil, our Champ Silvio China, and our food sponsor Mazaat. We extend our greatest gratitude for the support of our Goodwill Ambassador, Saada Fakhry, who has been the main reason behind the success of these initiatives.
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    It is essential to highlight the issues that are going unnoticed on our rural grounds, more specifically ones concerning hunting. 25 million cartridges per year are being left on the hunting fields, leaving the whole place in utter waste and adding insult and injury on the numerous pollution problems in our country. UNDP - Live Lebanon in collaboration with the NCLW and Live Love Beirut supported and funded by GWA Saada Fakhry took lead in these volunteering activities to create more awareness around the negative environmental impact of hunters leaving their cartridges in nature. This initiative acts as an initial step towards reducing the effects of all kinds of pollution on our environment.
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    Through the dedication and hard work of our 1,200 volunteers, we managed to collect over 5.5 million cartridges (39 Tons) from 31 locations all over Lebanon. Mrs. Saada Fakhry donated 50,000$ through a click funding campaign, that financed all the volunteering activities as well as a cartridges recycling machine that was built by NDU students as their final year project. This machine will be operational as of 20 March 2019 with the generous efforts of L’Ecoute NGO, committed to safely storing, operating and maintaining the machine for the first three months.
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