• Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Beirut
  • Who

    Public institutions in Beirut, Beirut Municipality
  • Why

    650 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) a day is generated only from Beirut, and 16% of the total waste generated in Lebanon is paper and cardboard. Around 77% of the MSW goes to landfills and dumpsites that don’t have the capacity for all the waste generated.
  • How

    The project aims at collecting paper and cardboard from governmental institutions in Beirut area and sending the waste to recycling facilities. Special bins will be provided along with awareness campaigns to maximize the efficiency of the process. This project is a five-year plan that the initiative will work on with Beirut Municipality. The collection operation will be based on the link registered clients with the registered waste pickers including the official contractor with the municipality of Beirut, private waste pickers, NGOs, and startups. There are five factories working in paper recycling. The project will collaborate with these factories and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) to ensure the efficiency of the delivery from the current waste collecting operators.
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