The project aims at providing a rapid response (5min) to accidents and emergency medical cases such as heart attacks by introducing motorcycle ambulances for civil defense medics to reach citizens, provide the necessary first aid, and stabilize patients before the regular ambulance arrives. 
  • Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Beirut
  • Who

    The provision of the motorcycle ambulances decreases risks of death in many cases and increases the chances of survival of people in distress who need urgent medical services. In time, the medics will be able to reach half the population in an adequate time.
  • Why

    Traffic is the main barrier to the effective and efficient arrival of Emergency Medical Services, such as the Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense. It takes an average of half an hour for ambulances to reach their destination, which delays CPR and the first-aid support needed--decreasing the chances of survival in many cases. Lebanon suffers from a high number of road accidents that happens every year causing many fatalities and injuries. According to WHO, the deaths per 100K people in Lebanon is 22.6, which is around 1,088 deaths and 12,340 injuries per year. According to the World Bank, the direct estimated loss is 1.2B USD. The Moto Ambulance project provides an innovative solution to this problem, especially in highly condensed areas.
  • How

    Regular ambulances struggle to get to the site of an accident in most cases due to traffic congestion; medical motorcycles equipped with first-aid kits and trained staff will arrive before the regular ambulance to stabilize victims and increase chances of survival. These motorcycles will not rule out the role of the regular ambulances; at any time an accident occurs, both the motorcycle and the ambulance vehicle will be dispatched, with a routing plan for the motorcycle in case the vehicle is delayed in traffic. The motorcycles will be dispatched from different civil defense centers in order to cover the largest possible area. They will be operational from 7am to 7pm only.
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