Thanks to your generosity, LIVE LEBANON has been able to support a local health clinic in Meshmesh and provide access to a cardiac echographic doppler for the villagers
  • Where

    North, Meshmesh
  • Who

    More than 30,000 inhabitants of Meshmesh and surrounding villages including Fneideq, Al-Qorneh, Beit Ayoub, Beit Younes, Al-Qrayyat, Al-Qmamine, Hrar, Qabeiit, Shane, and Al-Howeish.
  • Why

    There are two hospitals close by, but both are private and too expensive for the vast majority of villagers. There are currently at least 80 chronic cardiac patients in Meshmesh, people who have to be transported 35km to get vital hospital treatment.
  • How

    The proposed project provides a Cardiac Echographic Doppler, the only one in Akkar allowing direct assistance to patients for affordable fees.
  • dxfsd

    2500 USD
  • Elie

    80 USD

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