The Al-Laylaki kindergarten playground is a plain concrete space in open air. During winter, rain-water forms puddles in the playground and does not allow children to play outside for several days. Furthermore, given the absence of a water drainage system, the accumulating rain-water leaks into the ceiling of the underneath rooms causing further damage to the school building.

This situation prohibits kindergarten students from playing outside their classrooms and prevents teachers and staff from using the lower floors of the school for academic and recreational purposes.


The project enters its implementation phase with:

1.       The evening of the concrete floor to prevent the formation of puddles.

2.       Several layers of coating is placed on the floor to prevent leaks to the underneath floors.

3.       A drainage network is developed to divert the rain-water through pipes placed beneath the floor.

4.       A safe and protective layer of rubber is installed to protect children from injury while playing.

5.       Toys are played on the surface of the transformed playfield.  





  • Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Al Mreyjeh
  • Who

    130 children from 3-6 years old.
  • Why

    Al-Laylaki school is situated in one of the poorest districts in Beirut, Al-Mreyjeh. Many of the local population are from the South or the Bekaa. Central government support is especially low, and there is a lack of educational and social services.
  • How

    The project entails connecting the playground floor to the water evacuation system, installing a watertight membrane, evening it out with concrete, and putting a fun and safe flooring upon it to prevent flooding of rain. In addition to this, the purchase of outdoor toys for the students.
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