Thanks to your generosity, LIVE LEBANON has been able to promptly implement the project to provide youngsters of Rmeish with a new and operational football field.
  • Where

    South, Rmeish
  • Who

    Youth of Rmeish
  • Why

    Similar to other peripheral villages at the Lebanese southern border, Rmeish suffered from frequent conflicts, over two decades of occupation. Social activities such as clubs or sports facilities are hardly a priority for the central ministries, or even for the villages municipality given the other pressing burdens such as solid waste management. Late 2007, a group of 12 youth from Rmeish met and decided to bring forward the idea of forming a sports club in Rmeish.
  • How

    The project includes basic leveling of the land, a steel fence, and two new prefabricated units, one as WC, and the other one is sued as an office.
  • Anonymous

    12 USD

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