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water is life

July 21, 2014

water is life

In Ali Nahri, a village situated in the Bekaa, households were suffering from a major water crisis. The area was completely cut off and deprived of the vital resource, and inhabitants were forced to buy water at high costs.

Recognizing the significance of such a problem and its direct effect on the wellbeing of the villagers, Live Lebanon team intervened in April 2012, installing 50 km of water pipes to connect 160 households to natural water wells.

Now more than 640 individuals in Ali El Nahri have access to abundant safe and clean water within their homes, all thanks to the generous contribution of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha.

Serving people in underprivileged areas and providing them with water and electricity represent a great milestone for Live Lebanon initiative which follows a strategy to secure enhanced living conditions.

“Potable water is now available for all households. No one could ask for anything better!”

Procuring and equipping an ambulance

July 18, 2014

Procuring and equipping an ambulance

Having the necessary emergency transportation vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks or police cars, is a necessity for every municipality in Lebanon. People in need of immediate help should be able to receive it anywhere anytime. However, some areas in Lebanon lack these provisions due to many factors, and this poses a serious threat to general safety.

The Lebanese Red Cross in Tyr did not have a sufficient number of ambulances to serve all residents of the area. In addition, some of the existing ambulances were not fully equipped to handle the number of patients in the city.

In January 2014, and through the generous support of Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bouran Hallani, the initiate provided the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyr with a fully equipped ambulance including first aid assistance to secure patients with fast and effective transportation to the closest hospital. This new ambulance has changed the lives of the inhabitants of the town by giving them a higher chance of recovery following medical emergencies.

“The ambulance in Tyr now answers a serious solution to a medical problem affecting the entire community and the surrounding villages”.

An Eco-Friendly Approach in Nabi Chit

July 18, 2014

An Eco-Friendly Approach in Nabi Chit

It is important for children to always stay active, as it is important for both their mental and physical growth.

In Nabi Chit, children and young people used to play on the roads and in unsecured places due to the inexistence of a suitable public space. The village needed a garden where nature and safety are merged so that the children can play and adults can interact and spend quality time together.

In 2010, Live Lebanon collaborated with the humanitarian organization SODERU to create an inspiring public garden that appeals to the children and adults of Nabi Chit and the surrounding villages. The project allowed the local community to have a space for outdoor activities, and the garden included a recreational facility for children, slides, swings and rockers.

The 12,000 inhabitants of the village were given access to a natural setting where they can socialize and enjoy a wide variety of playing experiences.

1700 Happier Children

July 18, 2014

1700 Happier Children

All children should have access to a healthy environment where they can grow and develop happily. They should be able to experience the thrill of having fun and making new friends in common safe areas. Parents at Ain Yaacoub try their very best to provide their children with a protected loving environment, but their limited resources often prevent them from achieving that goal.

In Ain Yaacoub, the village that is situated in the North of Lebanon, children and youth were deprived of a proper, protected, and well-equipped space for any curricular, extra-curricular or recreational sport activities in their public school and in their village alike.

The streets were their playgrounds where they dodged cars passing right beside them, and their life was always in danger for lack of alternatives. At school, not only were they deprived of a playground, but also the windows of their classrooms overlooked a garbage dumpster which exposed them to serious health risks.

Although this was a major concern for the municipality, it was unable to intervene due to the lack of funds in this underprivileged area.

This situation became a priority on the agenda of Live Lebanon. Given that the welfare of Youth is a main pillar in the UNDP initiative, the team set off to resolve both problems as soon as possible.

In only a few months in 2012, and with the support and generous contribution of Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bouran Hallani, a much needed play area was constructed in the village of Ain Yaacoub. The garbage pile next to the school was cleared out, and in its place a multi-function sport and play area was constructed. This provided the needed safety for the children to interact peacefully, enjoy themselves safely and practice different types of sports.

“People used to throw their garbage in that area. I hope that every landfill in Lebanon is replaced by a play area or park because in the end this is for our youth, their education and their health.”

when saving water improves the life of 1750 farmers

July 15, 2014

when saving water improves the life of 1750 farmers

Fnaideq, in North Lebanon, is known for its agricultural nature, where 80 per cent of the villagers depend on it as a main source of income.

However, Fnaideq suffers from a poorly designed and managed irrigation canal that causes the loss of large volumes of water, water that is essential for growing apples and other types of crops in the village.

In June 2013, the UNDP initiative Live Lebanon collaborated with the municipality of Fnaideq to construct new concrete canals delivering water from the water source to all agricultural lands efficiently. This helped in improving farming activity and brought increasing profits to the farmers of the village.

This project would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bouran Hallani.

Bcharri: rehabilitating history

July 11, 2014

Bcharri: rehabilitating history

Anater El Saydeh is Bcharri’s historical souk, which has been unfortunately neglected over the years. Situated in the North, the village was in need of a public space where the community could gather and host events. Live Lebanon’s project consisted of rehabilitating this ancient market. With a total of 82,695$ worth of funds from which 50,000$ were donated from numerous benefactors and the rest contributed by Bcharri’s municipality, Live Lebanon was able to restore the souk beautifully. Five shops and public bathrooms are now ready to be used by the 20 000 inhabitants of Bcharri. The market is going to host local merchants, artisans and artists, where they can sell and exhibit their works. An abandoned and unhealthy space transformed into a useful centralized bazaar boosting the village’s economy and vitality. The Bcharri endeavor will not only attract tourists but also create new job opportunities through a multiplier effect. Concretely promoting development and sustainability in rural areas are key objectives of the Live Lebanon initiative. 

A Mini-Football Field for the Youth of Chebaa

July 09, 2014

Where the basic necessities of life are barely met, children’s wellbeing often suffers the most. In Chebaa, one of the most remote villages of the South, even at school children have no access to a proper playground to enjoy sports activities and exercise.

In July 2014, Live Lebanon embarked on a venture to make a difference in the lives of children in Chebaa. A project was put in place to construct a playground adjacent to the public school, and through the generous support of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Bouran Boueiry, the dream became a reality.

“The dream became a reality. Our children used to travel 12 to 15 kilometres to play soccer”

Over 24,000 children from Chebaa and the surrounding villages gained access to a free safe play area. Sports activities were introduced in the curriculum of the school after years of deprivation. Most importantly, the youth of the area were diverted from destructive habits and were provided with the possibility of exercising and leading a healthy life.

The added value of creating a common play area lies in bringing communities closer together and strengthening the ties between the inhabitants of neighbouring villages.

A second phase has been implemented that raised the safety of the playground.

Seeing all these benefits achieved was reward enough for the Live Lebanon team, and motivation enough to continue on the mission of protecting and nurturing the youth of Lebanon.

Providing an equipped ambulance for the municipality of Bsaba

July 07, 2014

Providing an equipped ambulance for the municipality of Bsaba

Bsaba, a village in Mount Lebanon, is located nearly 30 kilometers away from the closest hospital. The main problem that the inhabitants faced was that there were few or no ambulances around the area. 3,000 residents of the village were at risk every time there was an accident or an emergency.

UNDP Live Lebanon stepped in to provide the inhabitants of Bsaba a sense of security. With the generous contribution of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha and Waterfront City Cares, a fully equipped ambulance was provided with first aid assistance ensuring fast and effective transportation to the closest hospital. As of April 2013, Bsaba inhabitants were no longer at risk of the dangerous repercussions of not arriving to hospital on time in cases of emergency.

“A huge burden has been lifted off our shoulders thanks to Live Lebanon. My husband can now safely go the hospital whenever he needs to”

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