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Improving Primary Healthcare in Kfarhabou

December 03, 2010

The Kferhabou Health Clinic (KHC) offers primary health services to the local community and the residents of seven neighboring villages. More than 8,000 residents have access to the clinic and 150 patients benefit from its services every month.

Despite the help of the municipality of Kferhabou and a number of NGOs, the center lacked essential equipment that could make healthcare more efficient for those with low-income who are unable to access these services elsewhere.

To address this issue, in December of 2010, the UNDP Live Lebanon initiative provided KHC with an obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound used in women health practices and that combines an advanced computer technology for a variety of clinical applications including fetal assessments, pelvic examinations and uterine screenings. The center also received an electrocardiogram; a device used to check and monitor heart problems.

This intervention would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha. 8,000 citizens now benefit from improved primary care services.

Electricity for students and teachers!

November 15, 2010

Electricity for students and teachers!

WHERE: Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Al Mreyjeh

WHO: 434 students Burj Al Barajneh II Intermediate Public School and their 44 teachers

In Burj El Barajneh II Intermediate Public School in Al Mreyjeh, power outage posed challenges and problems for students. Students could not finish the school curriculum due to electricity shortages, which was clearly reflected in their official exams.

To address this issue, Live Lebanon, provided the school with a generator. This  allow students to stay in class in late afternoon hours when the electric power is cut and provides them with continued electricity supply.

Thanks to the help of Live Lebanon, students are now able to complete their curriculum and reach higher academic achievement.

New football field in Rmeish!

November 10, 2010

New football field in Rmeish!

With technological advances and the rise of smartphones and computer games, football remains a favorite activity that encourages youth to go out and play, proving to be the healthy entertaining alternative.

The poor condition of the existing football field in Rmeish, a village situated in the South of Lebanon, resulted in frequent waterlogging, cancelled matches, and difficulty opening the site up to a wide audience. The ground was covered with weeds and strewn with rocks, the fence and the goalposts were rusty, and the unkempt goal-nets flew freely with the wind. Most importantly, safety measures were missing.

UNDP Live Lebanon believes that improving playing fields will increase the number of youth who play sports, contributing to healthy and active communities, in addition to the social interactions that arise during games between villages. Therefore, a project was launched in June 2010 to develop and improve the football field of Rmeish.

Thanks to the generous contribution of UNDP Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farah, football-lovers of Rmeish and the surrounding villages can now train and enjoy their favorite sport in a safer and fully renovated football field.

“This project is wonderful, it’s so nice to see our kids play. We have many guest coming over, and our Syrian brothers play with our children. It’s great to see them coexist”

Supporting Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital

November 01, 2010

Supporting Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital

Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital in South Lebanon is the only public facility available for more than 10 villages within the Marjeyoun area.

The hospital, however, did not possess adequate equipment to accommodate all patients’ medical needs in terms of consultation and treatment, which resulted in locals having to drive an hour to Nabatiye, the closest city to examine and treat certain medical conditions.

In October 2012, through the generous support of Abraaj Capital and Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha, the UNDP initiative Live Lebanon was able to provide the hospital with a Gastro-Colonoscopy machine, allowing patients with digestive problems from Marjeyoun and Hasbaya Caza to be treated at the Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital. 

“This system installation helped the hospital attend the patients’ needs. Everyone in the hospital is so happy because of this very important support”

Thousands of inhabitants at Marjeyoun and Hasbaya Caza can now benefit from the improved public facility at Marjeyoun Governmental Hospital.


Healthy water in Hermel!

October 10, 2010

Healthy water in Hermel!

Residents of Beit Jaafar/Feesan in Hermel used to spend almost one quarter of their income on buying water. In this underprivileged remote area in the Bekaa, the poor condition of the water network led to the contamination of water reaching households. An intervention was much needed since this situation affected the health and livelihood of the inhabitants.

Through the transparent UNDP initiative Live Lebanon, Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha generously adopted the project funding the total rehabilitation of the water network in October 2010.

Today potable water runs through a renovated 25Km network into every home in Beit Jaafar, benefitting 600 families. This network not only lifted a weight off the shoulders of the villagers whose income was barely enough to lead a dignified life, it also established a clean main source that feeds water to over 10 surrounding villages.

Supporting Education in Marjeyoun

October 02, 2010

Supporting Education in Marjeyoun

Receiving a modern education requires the availability of special equipment and materials, and accessible settings. These essentials are not available in many public schools in Lebanon.  In Marjeyoun in the South of Lebanon, the municipality’s public school lacked even the most basic services and materials to provide a sound educational environment for its students.

In June 2010, UNDP Live Lebanon was able to provide the school with a laboratory, music equipment, and recreational supplies in order to create a better educational environment for the students. This made them more eager to learn and make the most of the revived school atmosphere.

This intervention was made possible through the generous contribution of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha.

130 children in kindergarten can now play!

September 22, 2010

130 children in kindergarten can now play!

“Child growth and care are really important and it’s great that an initiative such as Live Lebanon cares about that as much as we do. It was a good project and we hope more associations come up with such ideas”

Whether emotional, social, or motor, early learning is facilitated and fueled by the pleasure of play. Children should be educated in safe environments, and that was not the case in Al Mreyjeh Kindergarten situated in Mount Lebanon & Beirut.

In AL Mreyjeh Kindergarten the well-being, safety, learning and social development of 130 children (3 to 6 years old) were affected by the quality of their play area. The playground was made out of concrete, lacking even basic playing equipment. During winter, the facility flooded with water, as a result leaving the little kids with no place to do extracurricular activities. Moreover, the accumulating water was leaking to the basement underneath, preventing the school from organizing arts and sports sessions.

In June 2010, thanks to the support of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha who believed in Live Lebanon from day one, a significant contribution was made to address the drainage problems in the playground and to buy outdoor toys for the children in order to develop their social and coordination skills. Soft flooring was also installed so that children can play safely. 

Farmers prosper in Tal Abbas El-Gharbi

September 15, 2010

Farmers prosper in Tal Abbas El-Gharbi

The most vital resource needed in agriculture is water, and having cheap sufficient access to it is key to ensuring profit for the farmers.

In Tal Abbas El-Gharbi, in the North of Lebanon, water for irrigation was being transported through a dirt canal, causing the loss of a large volume of water before reaching the farmers’ lands.

Farmers used to pay an equivalent of 300 US dollars for every 12 hours of irrigation of 2 hectares of land, although adequate water was available nearby. The high cost obliged farmers to plant crops that did not require great volume of water and were in most cases not very profitable.

To address this problem, UNDP initiative Live Lebanon cleaned and repaired the existing Al-Saeed canal which was connected to a newly constructed irrigation canal in July 2010.

Funding was secured through the contribution of Lebanese donors in Lebanon and abroad. Live Lebanon thrives on the generosity of the Lebanese diaspora whose dedication to their homeland continues to play a major role in the development of Lebanon.

Irrigation now takes 50 per cent less time and farmers are able to save 30 per cent of their income. They can also now grow more profitable crops that require more irrigation.



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