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Cardiac equipment for Meshmesh clinic and its surrounding villages

August 15, 2010

Cardiac equipment for Meshmesh clinic and its surrounding villages

While medicine has advanced greatly over the years, and diagnosis of major illnesses has become a simple task given the available technologies, it is unfortunate that many areas in Lebanon remain deprived of such technologies. In the remote Northern village of Meshmesh in Akkar, the inhabitants did not have access to cardiovascular diagnosis machines. Accessibility to healthcare services along with hefty medical fees were needed to diagnose patients’ diseases and determine the corresponding treatment.

With the generous contribution of Abraaj Capital, in July 2010, the UNDP initiative Live Lebanon was able to provide a cardiac eco-graphic Doppler to the Meshmesh Clinic.

As a result of this intervention, the clinic now receives more than 40 patients for cardiovascular tests every month, a service offered free of charge to patients with low-incomes. The Meshmesh clinic now offers medical diagnoses by specialists, benefitting the 30,000 residents of Mechmesh and its neighboring villages: Fneidek, Al Korna, Beit Ayoub, Beit Youness, Al Erayat, Hrar, Abeid, Habsheet, Houeish, and Shan.


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