Dear Supporters,

On Behalf of the Live Lebanon Family, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions, that have made it possible for us to continue achieving our project goals.

Since its inception in 2011, Live Lebanon has been able to change lives and bring smiles to plenty. This year we have successfully executed all our planned projects such as renovating schools, establishing safe recreational facilities, providing proper health care necessities, installing irrigation canals, supporting cooperatives, and rehabilitating Old souks. This was only possible because of thoughtful and generous donations from people that believed in this special initiative.

In 2014, we plan to continue growing as a leading UNDP initiative and hope for your continued support.

Once again Thank you for your bighearted donation


Live Lebanon Team


 Ali Munir (5000 USD)
 Ali Al-Shabibi (4086 USD)
 Patrick Jarjour (2500 USD)


 Faris Rawi (1500 USD)
 Osama Al-Adhamy (1000 USD)
 Dalya (1000 USD)
 Dr. Karim El Solh (1000 USD)
 Anju and Manoj Madnani (1000 USD)

Less than 1000$

 Hon Seng Cheek (500 USD)
 Walid (500 USD)
 Omar Rifai (500 USD)
 Shahid Altaf (350 USD)
 Akram (300 USD)
 AOE (250 USD)
 Joana (200 USD)
 Cynthia Abdelkarim (200 USD)
 abdel sattar issa (200 USD)
 Richard Higgins (135 USD)
 Maysa (100 USD)
 Wijnand (100 USD)
 Barbara Ginn (100 USD)
 belal atiyyah (100 USD)
 rasha (50 USD)
 Karl Saleh (5 USD)

Live Lebanon’s initiatives would not be possible without your donation

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