Live Lebanon rehabilitates a public school in South Lebanon

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  • Date: 02 March, 2013
  • Category: Nabatieh

During an uplifting inauguration ceremony, UNDP Live Lebanon proudly unveiled the rehabilitated Freihael Hajj Public School in Nabatiyeh as everyone gathered together to celebrate the project’s success. The school, which was in extremely dilapidated condition before the intervention, now boasts aluminum windows, an indoor playground, and a renovated roof so that its 200 students can learn in a safe, healthy environment.

The inauguration took place in the presence of Mr. Ghaleb Farha, Live Lebanon’s  Goodwill Ambassador of the Arab Gulf region; Mr. Luca Renda, the UNDP Director; as well as Abraj Capital representatives and BBAC managers. They were later invited by the school director to tour the modernized school and enjoy a show performed by its students.

Mr. Renda, UNDP Director thanked Mr. Ghaleb Farha and Abraj Capital for funding the project. He added, “Education is the most valuable gift we could give to our children and teachers that bare the big responsibility of preparing the leaders of tomorrow. Live Lebanon aims at providing all children with the opportunities to develop themselves as admirable citizens and professionals.”

Mr. Tarek Bilal, Head of Marketing at BBAC, said, “The entire day was an extraordinary success as staff and students commemorated the school’s transformation into a learning environment that will encourage students’ growth into the leaders of tomorrow.” 

BBAC’s ongoing partnership with Live Lebanon, a UNDP initiative that promotes health, environment, economic and youth projects throughout the country, demonstrates the bank’s commitment to creating positive change within all communities in which it operates.

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