Live Lebanon renovates city walls and plants trees in Tal Dnoub

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  • Date: 01 March, 2013
  • Category: Tal Dnoub | Bekaa

Live Lebanon - UNDP  proudly unveiled a new social development project in Tal Dnoub.

The project was unveiled in Bekaa, seeking to improve the town’s environmental sustainability and increase tourism, Live Lebanon planted 580 trees and constructed cladding walls on the road side to avoid debris which were normally being swept by water during the rainy season.

The inauguration drew many attendees, including Live Lebanon's Goodwill Embassador Mrs. Bouran Bouery, Mr. Mohammed Rahad, ex-Minister of Environment and Member of the Parliament and the Major of the Municipality, Mr. Elie Sakr, who spoke of the need for green initiatives and sustainable infrastructure to improve the quality of life for the community. Other attendees included the UNDP Social and Local Development Program Manager, Raghed Assi, who proudly looked on as the project was introduced to the people it will benefit most.

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