Live Lebanon-UNDP implements successful social development projects in Lebanon yet again

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  • Date: 22 July, 2013
  • Category: Bcharri | Sultan Yaccoub | Bekaa

Beirut, June 2013: The partnership of Live Lebanon-UNDP and BBAC  has overseen further implementations of social development projects for Lebanon’s most deprived communities. The two inaugurations in June alone have proven both parties’ enduring commitment to sustainable initiatives.

The first inauguration took place in Bcharri, where locals lacked an adequate public space for social events. Al Saydeh square was being used as a parking lot and was accumulating dirty water, causing unpleasant odors for the community. Live Lebanon transformed the square into a center for local craftsmen, artists and producers to showcase their products in a pleasant communal atmosphere.

The rehabilitated square was due to the unfailing support of Live Lebanon GWA Fadi Salameh, who was present at the unveiling. Also present was the Mayor of Bcharri, Antoine Touk, who spoke of the importance of exposing the residents’ creativity to domestic and international visitors in a charming space.

Another project was inaugurated in Sultan Yaacoub in the West Bekaa, an area that has seen growing numbers of road accidents due to the precarious driving conditions. The project provided the Municipality with 29 streetlights powered by solar energy in order to enforce the safety standards of vehicular traffic.

The mayor of Sultan Yaacoub, along with Live Lebanon GWA Mr. Mustafa Abdouni, reiterated the importance of providing citizens with safe driving conditions and, in turn, decreasing the number of accidents that occur.

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