Live Lebanon-UNDP joins forces with Waterfront City Cares to implement further social development projects in Lebanon

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  • Date: 22 May, 2013
  • Category: Bsaba | Mount Lebanon

Beirut, May 2013: Live Lebanon-UNDP has joined forces with Waterfront City Cares to implement their latest social development project as they work together to provide support to Lebanon’s most deprived communities. The inauguration took place in Bsaba-Mount Lebanon as they provided invaluable medical care to the community.

In Bsaba, the nearest hospital is almost 30km away, putting the residents in major risk. Live Lebanon, along with the municipality of Bsaba, worked to provide a fully equipped ambulance that will provide first aid assistance while transporting patients. Waterfront City Cares provided the funds necessary to purchase the first aid equipment and the vehicle that was later on converted into an ambulance.

Mr. Samer Bissat, senior project director for Waterfront City Cares acknowledged the importance to support sustainable initiatives in Lebanon, stating: “Today signifies a landmark for Waterfront City Cares, as it is the transformation of an initiative into something tangible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank UNDP; it has been a pleasure working together.”

He further added: “The significance of the project was much greater than the financial contribution as this ambulance will benefit the well-being of the entire region and ensure that they have an equipped ambulance for any emergency situations.”

Also in attendance at the inauguration were Head of Municipality Munsef Al Akoum, Head of BBAC Bakaata branch Dr. Imad El Ghosayni and UNDP Deputy Country Director Shombi Sharp, who proudly announced the completion of an important initiative that will make for a healthier and more secure environment for the villagers. Mr. Sharp stated: “Every Lebanese should have access to healthcare and be able to receive the necessary first aid assistance when required. We trust that this ambulance will save many lives in Bsaba and surrounding villages”.

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