Live Lebanon UNDP welcomes April with a flurry of social development projects for Lebanon’s most deprived

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  • Date: 22 April, 2013
  • Category: Bekaa | North Lebanon | Baakline

Live Lebanon-UNDP  proudly unveiled three new social development projects during the month of April. UNDP representatives and BBAC managers attended each inauguration, as well as Mrs. BouranBouery, Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador for Western Europe, who explained that she was “proud to be part of an initiative that acts where it is needed without distinguishing between religious or political affiliations.”

The first project was unveiled in Tal Dnoub in the Bekaa Valley. Seeking to improve the village’senvironmental sustainability, Live Lebanon in partnership with BBAC planted 580 trees and constructed cladding walls on the roadside to avoid the debris normally swept by water during rainy season and to expand the village’s main entrances. The inauguration drew many attendees, including M.P. Mr. Mohammed Rahhal, former Minister of Environment and Mr. Tarek Bilal, the Head of BBAC’s Marketing Department.

Mr. Elie Sakr, the head of Tal Dnoub Municpality, was overwhelmed by the progress, saying, “I have spent my entire life in this town and it makes me very sad to witness how it empties little by little. The developments have brought hope that this improved environment will prevent more people from leaving while encouraging others to return. We do not want to see our village die.”

The second project in AinYaacoub - North Lebanon was inaugurated in the presence of the Head of the Municipality, Mr. Majed Derbas, and UNDP Country Director, Mr. Luca Renda. Providing social and cultural opportunities for rural youths, the newly built sports field and playground will now offer a chance for social interaction between young people. Speaking to the media, one boy from the local basketball team excitedly announced, “We were a good team already, but now we are unstoppable!”

The inauguration of the final project in Baakline topped off a busy week. Live Lebanon in partnership with BBAC renovated the ‘Al Marej’ garden in the centre of the village to provide the community’s youth with a space to socialize and stay active. Reflecting upon the project, Dr. Noha Ghoussaini, the Head of the Municipality, said that, “BBAC and Live Lebanon’s support of Baakline has injected the community with a new sense of purpose.”

Mr. Shombi Sharp, UNDP Deputy Country Director, explained that Live Lebanon’s unique structure[r1]  provides Lebanese expatriates and the private sector with the opportunity to directly contribute to the development of the most underprivileged communities in Lebanon.

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