Where Do You Find Lebanon?

It is in its space narrow and wide spread, in its weak capabilities and in its courageous ambition. This is how Lebanon is. For every expatriate is far away, but closer to you than you imagine, so how about if you are a Lebanese expatriate in France? You will find Lebanon in every street in Paris, you may find it more than once. No, he is the one who finds you, so do not pass by a street from this capital unless the word “Lebanon” written in the name of a restaurant, or in the form of a cedar drawn above a store, catches you … So have you ever wondered where to find Lebanon with its high rice and the excellence of its cuisine and the genius of its children in France ? What follows is a participatory invitation to draw up a list of the most prominent landmarks that bring us from France to Lebanon.

We were the first to respond to the invitation, so we put together this mini-list to share with us the features that you recognized on this link, so the list lengthens and the distance between you and your country, Lebanon, shrinks.

In its cedar roots, attached to their land as well as they set out towards the whole world, the Lebanese and the cedar see them inseparable wherever you are, and France is no exception. They take root to cling to more, and if broken, they grow again, so neither the storms of crises nor the fluctuations of days could help but make their promises harder.

The echo of its church bells struck those who said that Lebanon is a “piece of heaven,” because its narrow borders have never expanded the broad space of its sects, because the sky is closer to God and carries the echo far beyond the borders of the earth.

In the goodness of his initiatives, for Lebanon to be drowning in its political and economic problems, is a sad matter, but as it is rumored in the midst of every resentment generates a blessing. The Lebanese, who is under the weight of his problems and concerns in the complete absence of the state, found a helping hand only in the kindness of his Lebanese brother. It is the same problems of the country that showed the goodness and sanctification of the other. Whoever participates and his brother carefree, comfort him. This is the true Lebanese Tina! There is no land on which the Lebanese have trekked, and where he can only spread his kindness and concern for others.

This has become part of our culture. This culture was spread by the Lebanese in France through several initiatives and humanitarian actions and service to society in more than one field. Whether in the French Red Cross or in the association “You are my brother” branch in Paris, the Lebanese do not spare their energy to meet the French society with its effort and goodness.