What kind of projects does LIVE LEBANON promote?

Live Lebanon focuses its efforts and funds on projects that will be catalysts for economic and community development in underprivileged and underdeveloped Lebanese communities. The projects that Live Lebanon carefully select will, when successfully completed, significantly improve the lives of many Lebanese people. The factors that Live Lebanon takes into consideration when selecting a project are: economical, health, or educational impacts of the potential project and the number of people that the project will positively benefit. 

Which regions does LIVE LEBANON cover?

Every inch of Lebanon. LIVE LEBANON does not exclude any deprived region in addressing its development needs. The following are the four regions as organized by LIVE LEBANON: Bekaa, South, North, and Mount Lebanon and Beirut.

What are the criteria in selecting projects?

Live Lebanon works with local working groups such as members from municipalities, cooperatives, NGOs, Goodwill Ambassadors, and other members of civil society to carefully select projects. 
The criteria are the following: they should be relevant, feasible and sustainable. The projects should benefit the community and not private institutions or individuals. 
Each year, Live Lebanon publishes a Call for Proposals during which projects are received and evaluated for future funding.
The upcoming proposal will take place soon. Stay tuned to our website or Facebook page for more information.

Why is my village not listed among your projects?

Not all Lebanese villages are listed yet. Since LIVE LEBANON was launched in November 2009, 30 villages have been targeted. This number will increase as LIVE LEBANON continues to plan and implement new projects and activities. However, don’t wait for us to get to your village. If you have an idea for a development project, share it with us and it could become a reality. In August 2010, as part of an open Call for Proposals, more than 450 municipalities and members of civil society submitted ideas for local development projects in various villages around the country. Among these proposals, more than 40 have been adopted by LIVE LEBANON.

Does UNDP administer LIVE LEBANON?

LIVE LEBANON is a UNDP initiative. Hence, UNDP administers, manages, and oversees all activities of LIVE LEBANON. UNDP’s global experience in project management ensures projects are implemented efficiently and reported thoroughly and transparently.

How will LIVE LEBANON accomplish local development in Lebanon?

Local development in Lebanon is our ultimate aim. LIVE LEBANON seeks to alleviate regional disparities by implementing fast-impact development projects that benefit every person in Lebanon. We primarily seek to engage the Lebanese expatriate communities, encouraging them to reinstate ties with their villages and hometowns and to support their local development.

Does LIVE LEBANON address the Sustainable Development Goals?

Yes, indeed. Live Lebanon's initiatives are in line with many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Eradicating poverty and hunger (SDGs 1 & 2) is sought to be reached by helping locals improve their businesses, obtain higher income, as well as through the creation of new job opportunities. Supporting schools and students with better academic and recreational facilities helps ensure quality education (SDG 4). Providing better access to healthcare services (SDG 3) and fostering environmental sustainability (SDGs 13, 14 & 15)) are among Live Lebanon's main goals. To learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals, please click here.

How can I be involved?

You choose! You can choose to distribute fliers around Lebanese communities in Boston or host a fundraising party at your university in Paris. You can promote LIVE LEBANON at your place of work, write an article about us on your blog, or decide to wear a LIVE LEBANON t-shirt once a month. LIVE LEBANON wants you to be creative. LIVE LEBANON needs you to be involved.

Who are current LIVE LEBANON Goodwill Ambassadors?

UNDP appoints LIVE LEBANON Goodwill Ambassadors to promote the initiative across Lebanese expatriate communities. Currently, LIVE LEBANON Goodwill Ambassadors cover the following countries/regions: Arab States/Gulf Region, West Africa, Ohio USA, and Qatar . Get introduced to LIVE LEBANON Goodwill Ambassadors here.

Does LIVE LEBANON have any supporting partners?

LIVE LEBANON has received support from many partners. To get introduced to our partners click here. If you have a partnership offer to LIVE LEBANON, we will be glad to hear from you. The support you offer is crucial to making local development in Lebanon a reality.

Can I befriend LIVE LEBANON?

Your support to LIVE LEBANON will allow you to be considered a friend of the initiative. Your name and contribution will be noted on a special page. Some friends are selected to be featured in our monthly newsletter.

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