A Visit To The School Of Blind And Deaf

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  • Date: 22 March, 2018
  • Category: Baabda | National Children's Day

Deaf and blind children may have a condition that makes them sensory impaired. However, “kindness is the language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” With that being said, we took an initiative by visiting the school of blind and deaf children in Baabda.

On the 22nd of March, smiles filled the room when The Live Love Volunteer program in collaboration with Live Love Beirut paired up with the students for a day filled with entertaining games which included different animations from “Mini Studio” that were later on followed by hours of dancing and singing on the special occasion of National Childhood Day.

Moving on with the program, we asked Mazzat to prepare burgers for everyone who took part of this memorable event, also donated pantry boxes filled with basic food necessities to the children’s families.

22 آذار يوم الطفل العالمي ,زار فريق "عيش لبنان" المدرسة اللبنانية للضرير والصم في بعبدا وامضى نهار ساحر في هذه المدرسة .

رقصنا غنينا وضحكنا مع الاطفال الذين تفاعلوا بشدة مع الذين قدموا لهم مسرحية فكاهية ورقصوا وغنوا معهم .ولاحقا قدم غذاء لذيذ للاطفال ولفريق العمل من معلمات واداريين كما وزعت 100 حصة من المونة لاهالي الاطفال.

هذا النشاط التطوعي تم بالتعاون مع جمعية "عيش حب لبنان"الذين ساهموا بنجاح هذه المبادرة. Mazzat و mini studio

ادفئ هؤلاء الاطفال قلوبنا وكان هذا النشاط درس لنا في الحب والامل .

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