Live Lebanon celebrates delivery of ambulance for Tyre with Red Cross

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  • Date: 27 December, 2013
  • Category: Tyre | South Lebanon

Tyre, one of the most historical phonetician cities, is home to some of Lebanon’s most important archaeological sites. Dating back to centuries, Tyre holds some of Lebanon’s most prominent assets, and continues to strive as one of Lebanon’s greatest. However, over the years, struggles and political tension have taken place and the people of Tyre have little by little started losing hope. With a lack of an ambulance in Tyre, Live Lebanon decided to invest in a necessary ambulance for the citizens, in case of any emergency situations. With the current times being rough and uncertain, having an ambulance is an obligation for the safety of the locals and their well being.

Live Lebanon’s project consisted of providing the city with an ambulance that will benefit the citizens of Tyre immensely. With a total of 48,166$ worth of funds - from which 40,000$ were donated from the UNDP, and the rest contributed by the Lebanese Red Cross - this project was a huge success. Through these generous donations and a group of proactive volunteers, Live Lebanon was able to execute their plan and the locals of Tyre were able to attain the ambulance.

The presence of a medical asset, such as an ambulance, will greatly improve Tyre’s resident’s health and well being. It is a duty for Live Lebanon to implement a project like this one, not only for the citizens of Tyre, but to raise awareness of the importance of medical equipment in other areas too. 

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