Live Lebanon distributes gifts and draws smiles once more

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  • Date: 31 December, 2013
  • Category: Greater Lebanon

Tis’ the season to be Jolly, and this is exactly what Live Lebanon sought out to do this winter. After generous donations from two bighearted Goodwill Ambassadors Mr. Fadi Salemeh and Mrs. Bouran Bouery, the Live Lebanon family decided to spread the Christmas joy this season; to everyone!

From one area of Lebanon to another, some 715 gifts were donated to underprivileged children. After a harsh year along Lebanon, it was a chief objective for Live Lebanon to implement such a project, and bring smiles. Day by day during the Christmas holidays, the Live Lebanon team, along with our two Goodwill ambassadors, went around different villages of Lebanon to hand out gifts. Area managers of UNDP helped out in choosing the areas of which mainly consisted of Orphan Houses and families suffering from economic difficulties.

Gifts were given out, games were played, songs were sung and dances were preformed through out the whole day. “ It not only about the actual gift, it’s about the whole Christmas spirit of love and joy. Even if we went up empty handed to the kids, they would still be grateful. That is what’s so special about them”, Ms.Bouery stated. With a Live Lebanon team of determined volunteers the gift distribution project was that of a great success and definitely a project worth implementing on a yearly basis.

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