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  • Date: 13 November, 2015
  • Category: Deir Anoun Al Nahr

"Live Lebanon" initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with "Family Planning" association and the "Fragrances of the East" organized a training course for thirty-eight women cooperatives titled: "Strengthening the capacity of the administrative councils, production and marketing" in the municipal hall in Deir Anoun Al Nahr.

The workshop aimed to enhance the work of the administrative councils and improve the women’s production and marketing capabilities, thus providing the trainees with professional skills to improve the quality of their products. The success of the first phase of the session, which included ten trainees, boosted the rate of participation to 25 trainees at the start of the second phase.

Certificates were distributed upon the completion of the training course today, in the presence of Mayor Mr. Adnan Al Aseer and members of "Family Planning" association and "Live Lebanon" initiative.

After the national anthem, Ms. Najla Bizri, representative of “Family Planning” association, expressed her joy towards the completion the training, stressing the continuing role of "Live Lebanon" initiative in achieving sustainable development. She also stressed the importance of women’s roles in society and expressed how proud she was of their efforts. She commended the active role of “Fragrances of the East” for securing the necessary funding for this unique training.

A woman from the cooperatives spoke on behalf of the others, thanking "Live Lebanon" initiative, “Fragrances of the East” and the municipality for their contribution to this training, being one of the most important training courses/sessions today. She also thanked them for having faith in women’s roles in society, economically and socially.

Mayor Mr. Adnan Short praised the work of all the participants, stressing the importance of the role of women in society as well.

In conclusion, Ms. Haneen al-Faqih spokeswoman for "Live Lebanon" initiative, applauded their commitment in developing their skills and their persistence on making social and economic progress, and expressed her gratitude to all those who contributed in making this training a success.

This training contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of 35 women and their families, in addition to actuating the role of women and supporting them.

"Live Lebanon" initiative urges Lebanese living abroad and working in the private sector to contribute to the financing of development projects in the poorest areas of Lebanon. One can contribute through "Livelebanon.org" and the "Live Lebanon" application which can be downloaded on smartphones. It is worth mentioning that the "Live Lebanon" initiative has completed, until today, 49 projects in different areas ranging from the North to the South, the Bekaa, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

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