Ali El Nahri bridge construction

Project Description

  • Budget: 50K
  • Beneficiaries: 3000
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Ali El Nahri | Bekaa

How it began

“Ali El-Nahri” is a village in Bekaa, surrounded by four other villages. Given its central location, it is a cross section for all commuters in the area, which is causing a major traffic problem. On top of that, the crowded commercial area is the only passage for all cars and trucks. The current situation is causing blockades and is leaving the passengers stranded - sometimes for hours. Despite the fact that the municipality dispatched many police officers to smoothen the traffic flow, the situation requires more drastic measures, such as creating exits by building roads. The municipality has already started building a new road in place, yet a bridge execution is essential to complete it, since it crosses the path of a river.

How it worked

The objective was to construct a new bridge in order to complete a new road built by the municipality. Together with a construction company, the project entailed site work, excavation, concrete, etc.

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