Project Description

  • Budget Raised: 225K
  • Trees Saved: 170
  • Status: ongoing
  • Category: Beirut

How it Began

In Beirut alone, 650 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is generated per day, and 16% of the total waste in Lebanon is paper and cardboard. Around 77% of the MSW goes to landfills and dumpsites that don’t have the capacity for all the waste generated.

How it Works

The project aims at collecting paper and cardboard from governmental institutions in the Beirut area and sending them to recycling facilities. Small cardboard bins, large plastic collecting and sorting bins are distributed to 49 governmental institutions, covering 103 buildings. A campaign is being conducted to raise awareness about recycling among the staff in order to maximize the efficiency of the project. This project is in collaboration with Beirut Municipality. Currently, three waste collecting NGOs are working with Warak Beirut: LÉcoute, Arc En Ciel and Terre Liban. 

By August 20, 10 Tons of paper and cardboard were collected.

Partners: Goodwill Ambassadors Farid Chedid and Ghaleb Farha, Municipality of Beirut.

Hotline: 71 701444

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