Construction of a potable water tank and installation of a potable water network in Taraya

Project Description

  • Budget: 5000
  • Beneficiaries: 500
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Taraya | Bekaa

How it began

Taraya lacks the presence of a potable water line, which connects the water from the main source, to a tank to collect the water. This would insure water supply for 9,000 sheep and goats, as well as to the 600 people who live in the area. The shepherds have to go down to the village to obtain water, where they have to pay for the cost of the water, as well as transportation costs. 

How it worked

Taraya mountain is the most attractive point for the shepherds, who spend around 6-7 months there. They lack the clean water to supply to their sheep. The source of water was found, however due to the lack of a collective tank, the water is lost. The project helped the shepherds to have an easy and clean water supply, which helped with sanitation and health. It additionally saved costs for the shepherds and assisted in achieving a better standard of living.

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